About Us

To say Ollee helps connect amazing Australian brands doing good in our world, with retailers and businesses Australia wide is true. This is at the core of what we do, but it hardly tells our full story and dream.  

Back to 2005 – Two Girls, “Subi” and some pallets of tea    

Our story begins in 2005 with two Melbourne girls, a Subaru Outback called “Subi” and a few pallets of organic tea sitting in the garage. After leaving the corporate world, overcoming some health challenges and switching to an organic and natural lifestyle, Belinda and Sandy embarked on a mission to start their own business and to help people live a healthier life on a more sustainable planet. And so, with a car full of tea and a belly full of passion, their first organic business, First Ray was born.

Today, First Ray is a leading Australian wholesaler and distributor. Focused on making organic, ethical and sustainable foods and products accessible to more people, First Ray represents world leading local and international brands, has over 600 products in their range and is proudly a Certified B Corporation, confirming our fundamental commitment to people and planet first.

“Every day, we go to work hoping to achieve two things; to help inspire choices which promote health and wellbeing and which protect our planet and to make our world that little bit better.
It was true on the 15th June 2005, the day First Ray got its first customer, and it’s just as true today.”

Ollee About Us

Fast foward to 2020 - Then the world changed

2020 will always be a year like no other. Starting with our country on fire, our skies full of unhealthy air and the devasting loss of land, lives and wildlife, before we knew it, we had a global pandemic on our doorstep. We watched borders close before our very eyes, industries collapse, up to one million jobs being lost, our community forced into isolation, and our ability to move freely and carefreely, to see family, friends, loved ones and kids being able to go to school, all taken away.

Amidst all the personal and professional challenges, we had the realisation that we wanted to do more to support Australian brands and businesses, that we had to do more. We also had the passion and optimism to make it happen and so Ollee was born.

Who is Ollee?

Ollee is a platform for change. Dedicated to connecting purpose driven Australian brands with retailers and businesses Australia wide, our goal is to change the face of retail by helping Aussie brands grow, by promoting better products that are natural, organic, ethical, and eco-friendly and by making it easier for businesses to find and access these solutions. Ollee is about making an impact.

We believe these products have the ability to improve our world both socially and environmentally. That is why we are proud to be a United Nations Global Compact Participant and why we have aligned ourselves with seven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Every choice we make, can make a difference to our future and our future generations.

Ollee About Us and Impact

Why Ollee?

After 15 years of business in the organic and ethical space, we know brands, retail and distribution. We see a new and innovative way for brands and retailers to connect, an opportunity to create a marketplace that provides more value back to a brand and a more transparent and convenient way for retailers and businesses to find, choose and order products.

For Australian brands, we provide an opportunity to share your story, to put your brand and products at the fingertips of thousands of buyers and to improve your digital capabilities and success.

For retailers, we provide a one stop shop of trusted and ethical brands, the ability to save time and money and a buying experience that is simple, convenient and as enjoyable as any B2C buying process.

More than just a business

Ollee is an Australian family business and a small team of people in beautiful Melbourne, that care about you, your dreams, about supporting Australian communities and making a positive difference in our world.

We believe that by working together we can amplify the good we each do in the world and together, we can create meaningful change. So, whether you have a great innovative brand made in Australia or are an Australian company doing great work creating products that currently can’t be made locally or supporting communities in developing countries and giving back, we are here to connect you to retailers and businesses looking for products just like yours.

There is much to be excited about in the world of Ollee, our future and as we embark on the next decade of change. We can’t wait to watch this story unfold and right now, are missing just one thing on this wonderous adventure, you. Want to come?  

Sandy & Belinda xx

PS - If you're a great ethical Australian brand we’d love to see you on Ollee, so please sign up here. And if you're a retailer or business wanting to support great Aussie brands, you can sign up here to get your Ollee on