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Welcome! We’re so thrilled to have you here and that you’re interested in exploring Ollee. Here’s some information to get you started including our top three Deal Makers and a little about the brands and products you can find on Ollee. 

If you’re looking for trusted brands with values, ethics and purpose - you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for brands that help promote wellbeing and make a positive social and environmental impact, we can definitely help you with that too – in fact we’ll go out of way to help you. You can sign up to Buy on Ollee here. But if you’re looking for products that cut corners when it comes to ingredients, processes, packaging, people and our planet, perhaps cheap and price driven, then you won’t find them here. You also won’t find an increasing number of people wanting these types of products either as right now, there is a shift happening in consumer buying values and it starts with trust. Let me explain.  

Deal Maker # 1 - Trust Essential for Future Success

After 20 years of research into trust, 2 million+ respondents, 145 companies, 80,000 employee reviews, 150+ academic articles, 80+ models of trust and stock price analysis, the Edelman Group have found that trust matters and we figure that after all that research, they should know.

To consumers, employees, media, investors and to the market in general, trust is a key factor in their engagement and a business’ potential opportunity and success so whether you’re a small retail gift store, a large chain of newsagents or a business looking to procure products, and regardless of what industry or niche you operate in, “trust” applies to us all.

Furthermore, in 2020 it was found this trust factor is built on competence and ethics, so in our business landscape and what we do on a day to day basis, the brands and products we stock and use can speak volumes about us, who we are, what we stand for (or don’t), our own competence and ethics and therefore can add value or diminish our own “trust-ability”. Now enter Deal Maker # 2 the Belief Driven Buyer.

Deal Maker # 2 – Belief Driven Buyer

Since 2005 and with the start of our first business, First Ray, we have always believed that business can be a catalyst for change. Today, that belief is being amplified loud and clear with research showing consumers expect brands to act. In fact, 63% of customers are Belief-driven buyers who will choose, switch, avoid and even boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues (and yes, I did use the poo emoji as a bullet point in my image above because if someone is boycotting a brand, there’s something stinky going on).

On a brighter note and where you come in, 73% of people believe a company can take actions that both increase profits AND improve social and environmental conditions in our community, that brands can be a powerful force for change, that they can represent their values, solve societal problems and finally, they believe that their wallet is their vote.

Oh, and one more thing. Today’s shopper loves to share! Sometimes a little too much (really, I didn’t need to know that). How they feel about a business, brand, product and their experience is likely to be shared – everywhere. From social media to reviews, referrals, ratings, rantings, ravings, rankings and the ridiculous – nothing is too personal or sometimes sacred. So as a business, we have an amazing opportunity to use these forces to our benefit by giving our belief-driven customers something wonderful to share about you and your meaningful products.

Shall we introduce Deal Maker # 3 now? Welcome to Ollee…

Deal Maker # 3 – Ollee

Ollee is a platform for change, where you can find better products and better solutions.

Ollee brings purpose driven brands to retailers and businesses Australia wide.

Ollee makes it easy for you to find products with values and solutions that make our world better across multiple categories - from food to drinks, to baby and kids to home and lifestyle to health and wellbeing and more.

Ollee makes it easier for you to order and bring these solutions to your business, customers, employees, fans, the world.

We want to see the retail landscape change and for businesses to be able to provide the “belief-driven buyer” or whatever we want to call today’s conscious consumer, what they are looking for. And in perfect harmony, just like organic strawberries and ice-cream, we want to see these brands and solutions become more common, and therefore their impact greater and at the same time, your trust, success and happy customers and referrals greater and so it goes on. And just like a perfect dance, by getting all the pieces to work together – retailers, businesses, suppliers, and us (clever platform and conduit) we can create an energy of change that turns our little wave and idea into a tidal storm of meaningful difference. And yes, a nature-based metaphor seemed highly appropriate at this time. Shall we hug?

Ready to work with Ollee, find awesome brands, create more trust, happy customers, more referrals and fans and create positive change in our world all at the same time?

YAY! That’s great news and when you put it that way, seems like an offer too good to refuse right? To get started, you can sign up here.

A friendly member of our team will be in touch shortly to provide you with a username and password and then you’ll be all set to go shopping knowing full well, that all the brands you find on Ollee in some way, from their ingredients, processes, packaging, supply chain and people, help to promote health and wellbeing, help to improve gender equality, help to make our planet more sustainable with less waste and in some way make our local and global community and world better – every single day.

We can’t wait to work with you and make something meaningful happen together!

Love the Ollee family xx